Sunday, May 24, 2009

8th Night

Another busy day at our home.  We had a t-game this afternoon.  It was very muggy.  We came home and made our first trip to the pool for the summer.   Hubby and kiddo were in the pool for all of about 35 minutes, then came the thunder.  We came home.  Hopefully we can make it back out tomorrow.  Kiddo's swimming skills came back to her quickly. 

Tonight's Dinner

Chef Salad

Ingredients: 1 head of lettuce
Cubed chicken (we used leftovers from last night, and a little from the Giant Eagle Salad Bar)
Cubed ham
2 Roma tomatoes sliced
2 slices of Swiss cheese sliced
A couple of green onions

Mix all together in a big bowl and serve with your favorite dressing.  We used Kraft Ranch with Bacon tonight.  I am normally not a huge fan of ranch, but it was pretty good.  We also usually put green peppers and a hard boiled egg in this salad, but alas we had no peppers, and did not feel like waiting for the egg. 

 Opinion: We all really liked tonight's dinner.  Kiddo was a clean plate kid.  I know for me this is a good way to get fresh veggies without feeling like I am just eating lettuce.  Using the salad bar for some things has proved to be a money saving idea for us.  One pack of the precooked salad chicken is over $3.  The serving that we purchased for quick use off the salad bar was $1.25.  

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