Tuesday, May 26, 2009

9th Night

We went to my dad's for a Memorial Day cookout last night which presents a new obstacle to this situation.  Our goal is to not eat the same meal twice for 30 days +.  Well if you know my father, you know he eats the same meals over and over again.  His favorite grill fair... steak burgers and over sized hot dogs.  

Tonight's Dinner
Steak Burger seasoned with salt and pepper and Open Pit BBQ sauce
Over sized Hot Dogs
Cole Slaw
Mesquite flavored potato chips
Nana's Apple Cake

Opinion:  I had a steak burger with muenster cheese, pickles, and yellow mustard and a serving of cantaloupe.  My dad loves pre formed steak burgers and buys then from a restaurant supplier. 

Kid Opinion: Kiddo ate 1/2 of  a hot dog, a whole bun, and a serving a cantaloupe.  

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