Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fifth Night

Did I make rules for this mission?  I think I did in my head, but in that case we cheated tonight.  Hubby went to his parents for the day, so kiddo and I went out.  What makes it worse is that it was the holy grail of bad fast food... McDonald's.  Since the glass is half full these days that just means no Micky D's for quite awhile. 

Tonight's Dinner

Me: Cheeseburger, small fry, coke
Kiddo: 4 nugget happy meal, apple dippers, and Hi-C orange

Opinion: We both enjoyed dinner.  It was nice girl time.  

Kid Opinion: Alert! Alert! Major breakthrough tonight!  Kiddo tried a bite of my cheese burger.  She has not swallowed red meat in years.  While this is scourge of the earth red meat, it is meat none the less.  And, she liked it, she really liked it.  

Hubby picked up dinner from a Sheets on his was home.  Turkey Sub, Giant Mt. Dew, and cookies.  Hubby has an eating problem, so I will not include portions.  I will add his dinner was probably was being served were he was :)

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  1. You have to allow yourself to cheat a little bit! You did great on portion control. Yay Wendy! and Yay Kiddo for eating meat! I am shamefully going to shake my finger at Hubby for his portions. ha ha. Better luck tommorrow night.