Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third Night

I was not home tonight.  I was off serving in my teacher role for my preschoolers graduation.  They did a great job, and were super cute as three and four year olds should be. 

In my stead hubby made a nutritionally void meal of hot dogs, sliced oranges and marshmallows.  What made tonight's dinner special?  They cooked it around a fire.  Yes, folks, a real city fire.  In one of those nifty little fire bowls.  They smelled like a camp out, but they had fun.  Hubby just corrected me, the oranges were healthy! "and marshmallows aren't that fatty" 

Sometimes you can overlook healthy for fun. 

Kid Verdict:  She liked the oranges and swallowed the hot dog.  Apparently processed meat is okay to swallow. 

My opinion:  I hate a cold hot dog when I got home.  Then they told me it had fallen on the floor!


  1. I'm glad my kids are not the only ones who have to have meat forced into them. Although my oldest did a complete 180 when she started Kindergarten. I think she just really needed more food and now, as a second grader, she is really pretty easy! There is hope!

  2. I think that is just so adorable! I can just see them two cooking hot dogs over a firepit! Dad's have such a hard time creating healthy meals. Well I know mine does at least! I always get forgiveness foods for them like turkey dogs, annie's organic mac n cheese to mix with a can of tuna.. I'm just so tricky sometimes :P