Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seventh Night

Wow! We had a busy day today.  We went south and spent some time in Hocking Hills State Park.  We packed one of our favorite picnic lunches that I will share with you.  

Today's Lunch

Turkey Roll up's
Sliced Oranges
Dried Pineapple
Pita Chips

For the Turkey Roll Up we spread a thin layer of low fat cream cheese on a 6 in tortilla, we used plain today.  Then two slices of thin deli turkey, and cranberry honey mustard.  We use Woeber's brand cranberry honey mustard.  Woeber's has the best customer service ever!  We had a problem a few months back with our favorite honey mustard and they replaced it!  What company still does that?  Anyway, roll up like a pinwheel, wrap in plastic wrap and chill.  We love these, they travel well in a cooler, and there are endless possibilities!

Tonight's Dinner

Chicken Tenders with dip
Rice Pilaf

I am a huge fan of flash frozen chicken tenders.  They are super for late nights like this and they cook quick.  I will not lie, we cooked ours up tonight on our first generation lean mean grilling machine.  Kiddo ate hers with some Ken's Ranch dressing, and I had mine with Woeber's honey mustard.  Hubby will have his with Buffalo wing sauce.  

I would love to tell you that I made the Rice Pilaf from scratch, but I did not.  Rice a Roni has been my favorite non vegetable side dish since I can remember.  I make it with Olive Oil, so less fat.  One of my goals is to learn to make it homemade soon.  

Opinion:  This is one of Kiddo's favorite meals.  Nothing spectacular or interesting, but she eats without complaint. 

Tonight's Dessert... Amaretto Sour.... obviously kiddo has a few mini cocoa cookies instead.

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